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Featured story:

Dishonored check processing reduced from 24 hours to 15 minutes

  • Before: 4 handoffs
  • After: 1 handoff
  • Before: 3 loops
  • After: 0 loops
  • Before: 24 hours
  • After: 15 minutes

The problem

A driver license would not be legally renewed if a customer paid for their renewal with a dishonored check (DHC). Even though they’d get their new driver license our records would show they had not renewed because full payment was not received. When they tried to correct this error, we had difficulty getting the process completed the same day.

The causes

  • The DHC desk that assisted these customers was frequently interrupted by customers with other inquiries.
  • Because there wasn’t a standardized procedure, the process varied among employees. Additionally, a lack of cross training meant that assisting customers couldn’t occur if certain personnel were unavailable.
  • Customer instructions in our letter and our phone message were lengthy and contained information that the customer didn’t need.
  • The paper log used for tracking calls was cumbersome and difficult to keep organized.

Our solutions

  • Standardized the procedure and added it to all licensing service office (LSO) employees’ desk manuals.
  • Cross trained LSO employees to ensure service to customers when the DHC desk employee was busy assisting other customer.
  • Revised the letter and phone message with all necessary information in the shortest format possible.
  • Developed a call log, gave all employees access so they can follow the customer’s progress.
See the Dishonored check payment Lean improvement poster.
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