Success stories: Lean at DOL

Featured story:

Saved time and expense on real estate agent courses

  • Before: 824 minutes
  • After: 385 minutes
  • Before: 10 handoffs
  • After: 5 handoffs
  • Before: $342
  • After: $0

The problem

The process to review and approve real estate courses offered to real estate applicants was outdated, inefficient, cost us and the applicants extra time and money. Additionally, applicants were frustrated by the process, as evidenced by their complaints. Currently there are over 1,600 courses being offered.

The causes

  • Each applicant was asked to submit 2 paper copies of their course material. This cost them time, materials, and postage.
  • Our Real Estate Education Unit had to store the paper copies on site in the event of a public disclosure request, occupying office space.
  • Applicants considered the process to be antiquated and inefficient.

Our solutions

  • Update the course approval requirements, this saved applicant time, material cost and postage.
  • The need for storage space has been reduced.
  • Applicants have responded to the new process with positive feedback.
See the Real Estate course approval Lean improvement poster.

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