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Each year, we work with the Governor, Legislature and stakeholder groups to identify and accomplish legislative actions that are needed to drive toward our responsibilities of great service, public safety and consumer protection. During odd-numbered years, the regular legislative session is 105 days in length and during even-numbered years, the regular session runs 60 days.

2015 Agency Request Legislation

We are currently working on our agency request legislation for the upcoming session.

2014 Agency Request Legislation

Appraisal Industry Federal Compliance

Fingerprinting for Vehicle Dealers & Security Guards

Bills that may impact you

E2SHB 1129 – Ferry Vessel Replacement

Description: This bill requires the Department of Licensing, county auditors, and other agents appointed by the director of the Department of Licensing to charge service fees for initial vehicle registrations, registration renewals, and certificate of title transactions.

When will this impact me?

  • January 1, 2015

What does this mean to me?

  • A $5 service fee will be charged for each initial and renewal vehicle registration in all offices, this includes county auditors, licensing offices and online.
  • A $12 service fee will now be charged in the county auditor’s office for each title transactions, such as title transfer and name change.

2ESSB 5785 – Display and replacement of license plates

Description: This bill changes the display and replacement requirements for license plates, special license plates and registration renewal requirements.

When will this impact me?

  • January 1, 2015

What does this mean to me?

  • You will no longer be required to replace your license plates every seven years.
  • A license plate must be replaced at the time a vehicle changes ownership, at which time vehicle registrations expires as well, except when the change in ownership is between immediate family members or from a trust; when removing a deceased spouse or when the owner changes the owner’s name.
  • A vehicle registration is valid for 12 months or until the vehicle changes ownership.
  • The new owner must make application for new license plates and registration renewal and pay any taxes and fees that are due at registration and renewal.
  • The new owner of the vehicle applying for a renewal registration must be credited for any motor vehicle excise tax paid by the previous owner that expired.
  • Allows the new registered owner to apply to retain the license plates by paying the license plate transfer fee of $10 per plate.
  • Specifies that the new license plates and registration do not need to be obtained for vehicles that are sold to vehicle dealers until the dealer sells the vehicle.
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