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October 25, 2011

DOL says beware of online look-alikes

OLYMPIA — A website claiming to be the ‘official provider of Washington driver license forms’ has gotten the attention of the state Department of Licensing after customers called in after running across the site. The website asks customers to pay $24.95. It’s not clear what that payment will get them, but it won’t renew a driver license.

“The only ‘official provider’ of Department of Licensing forms is the Department of Licensing, and they are free,” says Alan Haight, the agency’s director. “I can also ensure our customers that our agency website is safe, secure and offers a lot of time-saving services.”

Customers should always make sure they’re on DOL’s website, as it always starts with Web browsers on the secure portions of the site, like driver license renewal, address change or other services will display that they have a secure connection by using a padlock icon or something similar, as well as displaying https:// as the prefix of the web address.

Some search engines can also return advertisements in the form of ‘sponsored links,’ which can lead users to sites that aren’t what they think they are.

“Folks should always be vigilant while using the internet to make sure they know who they’re doing business with. The surest way to get to our website is to type in to your web browser address bar,” Haight said.

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