News release

November 8, 2011

Joint Statement from the Secretary of State’s Office and the Department of Licensing regarding voter address changes

OLYMPIA — The Secretary of State of State and the Department of Licensing are working together to ensure voter registration processes are accurate, and more importantly, that people know how to vote if they did not receive their ballot.

Earlier this year, both the Department of Licensing and the Secretary of State were revising their individual websites to provide more options to the public for updating addresses. Information was made available to the Secretary of State’s Office on a new web service, but there was a miscommunication between our agencies regarding retrieving this information.

21,000 address updates were submitted via the new Department of Licensing internet service. However, we believe that the majority of these voters received a ballot either because the county elections office had already received the update from other sources, or because the ballot was forwarded to the person’s new address by the Post Office.

The primary solution is that any voter who believes that he or she should have received a ballot but did not should go to their county elections office by 8:00 p.m. tonight to obtain a ballot.

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