News release

November 21, 2012

Don’t be tempted to abuse parking spaces for the disabled

OLYMPIA — The busy holiday shopping season makes finding good parking spots near retailers tough, but don’t be tempted to illegally park in a spot reserved for a person with a disability—even if you only plan on being in a store for a minute.

The Washington State Department of Licensing tracks disabled parking credentials more than 300,000 citizens. It is essential for shoppers with disabilities to have access to spots reserved for them.

Using a designated disabled parking spot without a disabled parking license plate or placard also may result in an unexpected holiday expense. The fine for this infraction is $250.

Individuals entitled to use parking spaces reserved for individuals with disabilities can use either a placard hanging from the rearview mirror or special disabled parking license plates.

For more information on the disabled parking program visit the DOL Website at or call 360.902.3770.

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