Reports to the legislature

2014 Reports

Tribal Fuel Tax Agreement Report

Existing agreements and ongoing negotiations on motor vehicle fuel tax with federally-recognized tribes in Washington. (RCW 82.36.450 (6)).

Tow Truck Regulation Workgroup Summary

Recommendations from the workgroup examining the advisability of regulating operators, including any potential benefits to public safety, and possible methodologies for accomplishing this regulation.

2013 Reports

Analysis of Agent and Subagent Fees

Annual analysis and evaluation of vehicle agent and subagent fees, and recommendations for fee revisions submitted every 3rd year. (RCW 46.01.325)

Disabled Parking Work Group Recommendations

Recommendations from the workgroup examining the use of parking placards and special license plates for person with disabilities and developing a strategic plan for ending any abuse. (RCW 46.19)

Driver & Vehicle Services Fee Study

Biennial fee study submitted to the transportation committees of the Senate and House to ensure cost recovery for DOL services. (RCW 46.01.360)

Facial Recognition Matching System Annual Report

Annual report on investigations based on Facial Recognition Matching systems results and related data. (RCW 46.20.0371)

Special License Plate Report

Annual financial report submitted by organizations sponsoring active special license plates. (RCW 46.18.060)

Statewide Involuntary Commitment Information Workgroup Recommendations

Recommendations from the workgroup on maintaining the privacy of commitment information and whether access to the database can legally be provided to designated mental health professionals or law enforcement officials for use in the official course of their duties (RCW 71.05)

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