Rulemaking activity: Vehicle and boat registration

The following vehicle and boat related Washington Administrative Codes (WACs) are currently under development:

Rule and status Public hearings or comments
WAC 308-56A­-455: Assembled and homemade vehicles

Public hearing held on November 26, 2014

    Highways-Licenses Building
    Conference Room 413
    1125 Washington Street SE
    Olympia, Washington
    (check in at counter on first floor)
WAC 308-96A­-026: Vehicle transit permit See Preproposal Statement of Inquiry for information about submitting comments.
WAC 308-10­-010: Definitions Public hearing held September 25, 2014
WAC 308-96A­-096: Registration requirements Public hearing held September 30, 2014
WAC 308-96A: Off-Road and Non-Highway Vehicles
(New rule)
See Preproposal Statement of Inquiry for information about submitting comments.
WAC 308-56A: Certificates of title – Motor Vehicles, etc.
Public hearing held July 24, 2014
WAC 308-88­-020: Application & registration of rental vehicle businesses
Public hearing held May 27, 2014.
WAC 308-93: Disclosure of vessel owner information
(Repeal WAC 308-93­-087, WAC 308-93­-088, & WAC 308-93­-089)
Public hearing held on March 26, 2014
WAC 308-56A­-090: Disclosure of individual vehicle owner information Public hearing held November 26, 2013.
WAC 308-96A­-136: Mopeds — License plates
Public hearing held January 7, 2014
WAC 308-96A­-545: Gold Star Parent license plate Public hearing held November 13, 2013.
WAC 308-93­-055 & 308-93­-056: Out-of-state or out-of-country vessels operating in this state — Identification document required Public hearing held September 30, 2013

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