Vehicle and vessel statistics

Vehicle/Vessel Fee Collection and Vehicle Counts Program

This report program provides a variety of vehicle and vessel licensing statistics by month, calendar year, or fiscal year.

How to use the report program:

  1. Start the Vehicle/Vessel Fee Collection and Vehicle Counts Program. You will see the “Vehicle/Vessel Fee Distribution Start Page.”
  2. Select a report. Click on the “Report Name” down-arrow to view the entire list, and click on the report you want.
  3. Select a reporting period. Under “Report Period”:
    • Choose “All” and click the CONTINUE button to see everything that’s available.
    • or
    • Choose “Monthly”, “Calendar”, or “Fiscal” in the first column; click on the month, calendar year, or fiscal year you want from the list that appears in the second column; and click the CONTINUE button.
  4. After a moment, the name of the report will appear at the top of a new page. Click the link to the report at the right side of the page to view the report. The report can be printed or downloaded into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

Note: If you need help creating the report, click the “help” button to see page-specific instructions.

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