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What is DRIVES?


The Driver and Vehicle System (DRIVES) project is a 4 year effort to modernize our driver and vehicle technology systems. We'll have the ability to:

  • Provide our staff and vehicle licensing business partners better processes
  • Provide more accurate records to law enforcement
  • Implement new initiatives faster
  • Collect fees more quickly, eliminating delays in critical revenue collection
  • Increase system reliability and reduce downtime
  • Develop and support new business processes
  • Improve data reporting

We're implementing DRIVES using a phased-in approach. So far we have 2 rollouts between June 2018 and September 2018.

What is DRIVES Rollout 1?

Rollout 1 was implemented December 12, 2017. This rollout replaced our existing vehicle-related systems.

What is DRIVES Rollout 2?

Rollout 2 is scheduled for September 2018. It’ll replace legacy applications for our driver's field and headquarter systems. It'll provide our employees and business partners with better processes and more accurate driver records.

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