What we do

Every working day, week, and year, we’re serving Washington residents. We:

  • Provide information to law enforcement.
  • License and regulate drivers.
  • Register vehicles and vessels.
  • Manage over 44 professional and business licensing programs.
  • Ensure the fair and efficient collection of state revenue

For a quick look at what we do each year, see:

Every working day, we:

  • Issue over 1,100 original driver licenses and nearly 3,400 driver license renewals.
  • Renew the registration of over 28,000 vehicles.
  • Process over 3,000 original vehicle titles.
  • Respond to nearly 1,600 phone calls and about 270 e-mails from customers about vehicle and driver licensing.
  • Issue or replace nearly 6,600 license plates.
  • Process over 5,000 address changes for driver licenses and vehicles, including nearly 2,400 online.

Every week, we:

  • Sell nearly 45,000 driving records, and send over 400,000 notifications to customers about changes to monitored driving records.
  • Issue over 1,500 enhanced driver licenses.
  • Process about 44,000 driver license, ID card, and tab renewals over the Internet.
  • Record over 4,500 driver license suspensions, revocations, cancellations, and disqualifications.
  • Process nearly 26,000 traffic violations and accident reports.
  • Receive nearly 26,000 professional license status searches over the Internet.
  • Receive over 1,600 Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings, and support over 4,200 UCC searches.
  • Process about 12,000 vehicle reports of sale, including over 8,600 reports over the Internet.

Every year, we:

  • Collect over $3 billion in gross revenue.
  • Issue about 6.6 million vehicle tab renewal notices, including over 628,000 by e-mail.
  • Collect nearly $1.29 billion in fuel tax revenue.
  • Issue or update about 53,000 vessel titles.
  • Register over 234,000 vessels.
  • Manage over 266,000 professional licenses for individuals and businesses.
  • Issue nearly 6,900 ignition interlock & occupational restricted licenses (hardship licenses).
  • Issue or replace about 20,500 special design license plates and about 6,500 personalized plates.
  • Process nearly 10,000 driver hearings and interviews.
  • Issue about 1,000 original vehicle dealer licenses, and renew about 3,600 vehicle dealer licenses.
  • Process about 90,000 destroyed vehicle reports, including over 78,000 over the Internet [Internet includes insurance & wreckers counts].
  • Issue or renew over 222,600 permanent and temporary disabled parking placards.
  • Support over 2 million firearms database inquiries from law enforcement.
  • Issue nearly 27,000 professional licenses to individuals and businesses, and renew over 112,000.

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