State-certified residential real estate appraiser

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Education and experience requirements

To be eligible to become a state-certified residential real estate appraiser, you must meet all of the following education and experience requirements.

There’s no specific order required to gain this education and experience. After you have completed these requirements, you’re eligible to take the state-certified residential appraiser exam.


Before you may take the exam, you must:

  • Find a certified appraiser willing to supervise your work experience as a licensed registered appraiser trainee.
  • Work under the supervisory appraiser to get at least 2 years’ real estate appraiser experience (24 full months and 2,500 hours). Hours may be treated as cumulative to achieve the necessary hours of appraisal experience.


To be eligible to take the exam, you must have:

  • A Bachelor’s degree or higher (in any field) from an accredited college or university:
  • and
  • A total of 200 classroom hours of approved real estate appraisal courses, including all of the following:
Subject Hours required
Basic appraisal principles 30 hours
Basic appraisal procedures 30 hours
Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) 15 hours
Residential market analysis and highest and best use 15 hours
Residential appraiser site valuation and cost approach 15 hours
Residential sales comparison and income approaches 30 hours
Residential appraiser report writing and case studies 15 hours
Statistics, modeling and finance 15 hours
Advanced residential applications and case studies 15 hours
Appraisal Subject Matter Electives 20 hours

How to apply to take the certification exam

  1. Complete a Real Estate Appraiser Certification Application. If you’re from outside Washington State, please complete the Consent of Service section of the application form included in the application.
  2. Attach copies of all education documentation.
  3. Enclose a completed experience log, in chronological order. You won’t be granted credit for restricted appraisal reports. Every page must be signed by you. All pages with experience obtained under a Supervisor, must also be signed by your supervisor.
  4. Enclose a check or money order for the $370 application fee (payable to the Department of Licensing). Fees are non-refundable.
  5. Mail the application, documentation, and fee to us at the address shown on the application.
  6. Allow at least 2 weeks for processing. We’ll review the application and determine if you’re eligible for exam. Then we’ll send you a letter stating you’re approved to take the exam, or explaining why your application was denied.
  7. Schedule your exam online, by phone, or by mail with Applied Measurement Professionals, Inc ( For more information, see the Candidate Handbook.

For veterans

U.S. Veterans may be eligible for partial reimbursements of costs. For more information: Education and Training | Licensing and Certification

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