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Stamps and seals: Architects

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How to get your stamp or seal

It’s your responsibility to get a stamp/seal after you’re licensed.

Your stamp may be rubber, embossed, or digitally produced. You should be able to get one from any stamp manufacturer. When ordering, make sure it contains all of the following:

  • Your name
  • Your license number
  • The legend “Registered Architect, State of Washington”

Approved design

The approved design is shown above. Deviations from this design aren’t allowed.

  • Your name should appear where it says “Name.“
  • Your license number should replace the row of zeroes.

How to use your stamp or seal

  • You must sign and seal all technical submissions required for building permits or regulatory approvals.
    • Drawings you prepare must be signed and sealed on each sheet.
    • Specifications and other technical submissions only need to be sealed on the cover, title page, and all pages of the table of contents.
  • You may sign and seal drawings only if:
    • You prepared them.
    • or
    • They were prepared:
      • By your regularly employed subordinates and reviewed by you.
      • By an individual or firm under direct subcontract with you.
      • In collaboration with an architect licensed in a jurisdiction we recognize, as long as you and the architect had a contractual agreement.
  • By signing and sealing drawings or specifications:
    • You become the architect of record.
    • You’re responsible to the same extent as if you prepared the drawings or specifications yourself.

Your signature

The term “signature” or “signed” means:

  • A handwritten or digital identification that represents the act of putting your name on a document to attest to its validity. Your signature must be:
    • Original and written by hand, or a scanned image of the original, handwritten identification.
    • Permanently affixed to the documents being certified.
    • Applied to the document by you.
    • Placed across the your seal/stamp.
  • or
  • An electronic authentication process attached to or associated with an electronic document, which may include a scanned or digitized signature. This type of digital identification must be:
    • Unique to you.
    • Verifiable.
    • Under your exclusive control.

Frequently asked questions

How will my name appear on my license and wall certificate?
Your name will appear exactly as you entered it on your application form.

Can I use an electronically-produced seal?
Yes. To learn more about using your seal, see:

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