Laws and rules: Boxing, wrestling, and martial arts

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Current laws and rules

Rulemaking activity

Rule and status Public hearing or comments
WAC 36–13: Professional wrestling

Public hearing held on:
October 30, 2015

WAC 36–14–545: Physician and ambulance or paramedical unit requirements for amateur events. Public hearing held on:
January 29, 2015
WAC 36–14: Professional and amateur martial arts See Preproposal Statement of Inquiry for information about submitting comments.
WAC 36–12: Professional boxing Public hearing held on:
October 8, 2013
WAC 36–14: Professional and amateur martial arts Public hearing held on:
October 8, 2013

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Explanation of abbreviations

  • RCW—Revised Code of Washington (Washington State laws)
  • WAC—Washington Administrative Code (Washington State agency regulations)

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