Fingerprinting requirements: Bail bond recovery agents

All applicants for bail bond recovery agent license or endorsement must submit a fingerprint card to complete the required criminal history background check.

How to get a fingerprint card

We’ll give you the required fingerprint card. Don’t use other cards. If you use a different card, the results won’t be forwarded to our office and you’ll be required to submit a new fingerprint on the correct card.

Where to get your fingerprints taken

Fingerprinting must be done by a law enforcement agency. Not all law enforcement agencies offer this service, so call your local office to find out whether they do civil applicant prints, when you can have your prints taken, and how much it will cost.

The Washington State Patrol (WSP) takes fingerprints in their Olympia office. If you would like to have your fingerprints taken and submitted directly at the WSP office, you may contact them at 360.534.2000 for more information.

How to submit your fingerprint card

  • Submit all of the following:
  • Mail your fingerprint card, application, supporting documentation, and fees to:
    Bail Bonds Program
    Department of Licensing
    PO Box 35001
    Seattle, WA 98124-3401

The background check process takes 4–6 weeks, and the results are sent directly to us.

Rejected cards

If WSP can’t process the fingerprint card, they’ll return the card to us. We’ll return the rejected card to you, and you’ll be required to submit a new card along with the rejected card. The fingerprint processing fee covers up to 3 rejected cards. You must pay an additional processing fee to submit a 4th fingerprint card.

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