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Professional license
  • If person or business has an active professional license.
  • When a professional license will expire.
  • If a person or business has been disciplined for professional license violations.
Search business and professional licenses
Note: This search only provides information about licenses issued by the Department of Licensing.
Business license
  • If a business is licensed in Washington State or with a city.
  • If a business has specialty licenses (liquor, lottery retailer, etc.)
  • When a business license will expire.
  • Who owns the business.
Search Business Licenses
(Business Licensing Service—Department of Revenue)
Corporation or LLC
  • If a corporation or LLC is registered in Washington State.
Corporations Search
(Secretary of State)
Contractor or tradesperson
  • If a person or business is licensed as a contractor or tradesperson.
  • How long they’ve been licensed.
  • If they have violations or lawsuits on their license record.
Look up contractors or tradespeople
(Labor and Industries)
Healthcare provider
  • The status of a health care professional’s license
  • How long they’ve been credentialed.
  • If they have any restrictions or disciplinary actions.
Provider Credential Search
(Department of Health)

Search tips

  • You can search by:
    • Name
    • License number
    • Type of license
    • Location
  • If the search doesn’t find a record that matches the street address, try searching by name, type of license, or license number. Some professional licenses don’t list a street address and may not show up if you search by location.
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