Forms: Collection agencies

The Washington State Legislature has not yet approved state operating and capital budgets for the 2017–19 biennium, which begins July 1. If the Legislature does not approve budgets by June 30, several state agencies will go through full or partial operations shutdowns. To find out what services will be effected, see Possible suspension of services starting July 1.

The MyDOR portal will be taken offline at 11:55 p.m. June 27, 2017 to process applications, renewals, and credit card payments before shutdown. Paper applications and renewals can still be sent by U.S. mail. Business Licensing staff will be laid off during any shutdown and unavailable to assist businesses. We apologize for this inconvenience.

If you need to file an annual report for your corporation or LLC now, the Office of the Secretary of State's front counter located at 801 Capital Way S, Olympia WA 98501-1226 will be open.

Getting a license

Business License Application (Department of Revenue)
Use this form to apply for a business license in Washington for your collection agency.

Business License Application Supplement for Collection Agency, Branch Office, or Out-of-State Office (Department of Revenue)
This form must accompany your business license application.

Business Financial Statement/Balance Sheet (Department of Revenue)
Submit this form with your business license application.

Collection Agency or Out-of-State Collection Agency Surety Bond
Use this form when a bond is required for licensing.

Location Addendum to the Business License Application (Department of Revenue)
Use this form only if you’re applying for more than 1 location at the same time.

Updates or changes

Collection Agency Change of Manager
Use this form to notify us when a change of manager is made at your agency.


Collection Agency Complaint
Use this form to file a complaint against a collection agency.

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