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How to get your instructor license: School graduate

Licensing requirements

  • To get your instructor license, you must:
    • Graduate from a school approved and licensed by the us (DOL) with the minimum required 500 classroom hours.
    • Have a current cosmetology, barber, manicure, esthetics, hair design or master esthetics license in Washington state (WA).
    • Pass the state-approved written and performance exams.
  • You must post your license at your work station.

How to get your instructor license

  1. Get a WA cosmetologist, barber, manicurist, esthetician, hair design, or master esthetician license.
  2. Schedule your exam online: www.cosmetologywashington.com and pay fees.
    • Walk-ins aren’t admitted to exams, and testing centers can’t schedule you.
  3. After you pass your exams, apply for your license and pay fees: www.cosmetologywashington.com.

For more details, see the NIC Exam Preparation Guide (cosmetologywashington.com) for instructors.

For veterans

U.S. Veterans may be eligible for partial reimbursements of costs. For more information: Education and Training | Licensing and Certification

If you have a license in another state

If you apply for a WA license, it won’t affect your license in another state. To learn how to get a WA license if you have a valid license in another state, see How to get your instructor license: Out-of-state license.

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