Exempt services: Geologists

Due to facility issues, this licensing program has limited operations. There may be delays in responding to requests. We apologize for the inconvenience. We’re working toward resuming all business operations as soon as possible.

State laws recognize that certain areas of expertise are common to professionals other than geologists, engineering geologists, and hydrogeologists. The law provides the following exemptions in RCW 18.220.190: Permitted activities — Certificate of licensing not required:

  • The practice of engineering.
  • The acquisition of engineering data involving:
    • Soil, rock, groundwater, and other earth materials.
    • Evaluation of the physical and chemical properties of soil, rock, groundwater, and other earth materials.
  • The utilization of these data in analysis, design, and construction by professional engineers appropriately registered or licensed in this state.
  • Work performed by officers or employees of the government of the United States while engaged in the practice of engineering for the government.
  • Similar work performed by individuals or organizations licensed or registered in any other profession or occupation related to geology, provided that such work is:
    • Permitted under the applicable licensing or registration law.
    • and
    • Incidental to the practice or the profession or occupation for which licensing or registration is required.


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