Exempt services: Landscape architects

State laws recognize that certain areas of expertise are common to professionals other than landscape architects. They provide the following exemptions in RCW 18.96.220: Application — Professions and activities not affected:

Architecture, land surveying, engineering geology, and other professions

The law doesn’t prevent the practice of architecture, land surveying, engineering, geology, or any recognized profession by individuals not licensed as landscape architect.


The law doesn’t prevent the:

  • Construction, alteration, or supervision of sites by contractors or superintendents employed by contractors.
  • or
  • Preparation of connected shop drawings.

Supervising a construction project

The law doesn’t prevent owners or registered contractors from engaging persons who aren’t landscape architects to observe and supervise site construction of a project.

Preparation of construction documents

The law doesn’t prevent the preparation of construction documents including planting plans, landscape materials, or other horticulture related elements.

Property owners

The law doesn’t prevent individuals from making plans, drawings, or specifications for any property owned by them and for their own personal use.

Irrigation systems

The law doesn’t prevent the design of irrigation systems.

Residential landscape design

The law doesn’t prevent landscape design on residential properties.

Qualified professional biologist

The law doesn’t prevent qualified professional biologists from providing services for natural site areas that also fall within the definition of the practice of landscape architecture.


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