Disciplinary actions: Vehicle transport and disposal

For details about many of these disciplinary actions, please see Search business and professional licenses.

February 2017

County Towing – Everett, WA

  • Finding: Failed to obtain authorization to impound on 4 vehicles.
  • Action: Fined $3,500.

Inter-County Towing – Bothell, WA

  • Finding: Failed to obtain authorization to impound for 7 vehicles.
  • Action: Fined $4,500.

January 2017

Bill's Towing — Sunnyside, WA

  • Finding: Master log and failure to have authorization to impound records.
  • Action: Fined $1,500 stayed full $1,500 if no similar violations for 1 year.

Heston Hauling — Ferndale, WA

  • Finding: Storage fees overcharges.
  • Action: Fined $1,000.

December 2016

Ace Towing Enterprises INC

  • Finding: Unlicensed wrecking and unlicensed Registered Tow Truck violations.
  • Action: Denied transporter license.

August 2016

Harry's Towing — Marysville, WA

  • Finding: Unlawful impound of vehicle, failure to obtain authorization to impound, unlawful auction of vehicle, failure to submit surplus funds from vehicle auction.
  • Action: Fined $750 and ordered to pay $265.47 in surplus funds.

North County Towing — Arlington, WA

  • Finding: Failure to submit surplus funds from an abandoned vehicle auction.
  • Action: Fined $500.

Sky Valley Towing — Snohomish, WA

  • Finding: Failure to submit Surplus Funds from an abandoned vehicle auction.
  • Action: Fined $2,500.

July 2016

Sparky's Towing — Lynnwood, WA

  • Finding: Abandoned Vehicle Report submitted 7 days late; failure to indicate daily storage rate, number of storage days assessed against the lien, and total combined towing and storage assessed against the lien; sent Notice of Custody and Sale of Abandoned Vehicle Notice to owner prior to receiving information from the Department; failure to auction vehicle within 90 days of impound; failure to include sale price and date of sale on Affidavit of Sale.
  • Action: Fined $7,000 and 7 day suspension of tow truck operator license.

Patriot Recovery — Lacey, WA

  • Finding: Failure to auction 7 vehicles within 90 days of impound.
  • Action: Fined $1,000.

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