Disciplinary actions: Vehicle transport and disposal

For details about many of these disciplinary actions, please see Search business and professional licenses.

August 2016

Harry’s Towing — Marysville, WA

  • Finding: Unlawful impound of vehicle, failure to obtain authorization to impound, unlawful auction of vehicle, failure to submit surplus funds from vehicle auction.
  • Action: Fined $750 and ordered to pay $265.47 in surplus funds.

North County Towing — Arlington, WA

  • Finding: Failure to submit surplus funds from an abandoned vehicle auction.
  • Action: Fined $500.

Sky Valley Towing — Snohomish, WA

  • Finding: Failure to submit Surplus Funds from an abandoned vehicle auction.
  • Action: Fined $2,500.

July 2016

Sparky’s Towing — Lynnwood, WA

  • Finding: Abandoned Vehicle Report submitted 7 days late; failure to indicate daily storage rate, number of storage days assessed against the lien, and total combined towing and storage assessed against the lien; sent Notice of Custody and Sale of Abandoned Vehicle Notice to owner prior to receiving information from the Department; failure to auction vehicle within 90 days of impound; failure to include sale price and date of sale on Affidavit of Sale.
  • Action: Fined $7,000 and 7 day suspension of tow truck operator license.

Patriot Recovery — Lacey, WA

  • Finding: Failure to auction 7 vehicles within 90 days of impound.
  • Action: Fined $1,000.

June 2016

Paulson’s Towing, Inc. — Lynnwood, WA

  • Finding: Overcharge of towing and storage fees.
  • Action: Fined $1000, which is stayed for 1 year.

April 2016

Bajio Towing — Burlington, WA

  • Finding: Failure to auction a vehicle within 90 days of impound.
  • Action: Fined $1000.

March 2016

Scotty’s Towing — Freeland, WA

  • Finding: Failure to process Abandoned Vehicle Report, failure to enter required information on three invoices, failure to sell impounded vehicle within 90 days, failure to enter arrival time of two impounded vehicles.
  • Action: Fined $1,000.

Inter–County Towing — Bothell, WA

  • Finding: Conducted 7 private property impounds without proper authorization, failed to maintain Authorization to Impound forms in transaction files, unlawful impound of vehicle and issuance of additional charges due to customers credit card declined, failed to maintain a copy of Private Property Impound contracts for 3 vehicles, failure to transfer title of 6 vehicles within 45 days.
  • Action: Fined $3,000.

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