Disciplinary actions: Vehicle transport and disposal

For details about many of these disciplinary actions, please see Search business and professional licenses.

June 2014

Road Rescue Towing — Bothell

  • Finding: Recordkeeping and auction violations.
  • Action: Fined $1,750.

North West Auto Recycling — Yelm

  • Finding: Possession of undocumented major component parts.
  • Action: Fined $2,000.

March 2014

STI Fleet Services dba Specialty Transport, Inc. — Redmond

  • Finding: Unlawful use of transporter plates
  • Action: 1 year revocation which is stayed pending no similar violations within 1 year.

December 2013

Evergreen State Towing — Spokane

  • Finding: Tow truck operator violations.
  • Action: Fined $500.

Sparky’s Towing, Inc. — Lynnwood

  • Finding: Tow truck operator violations.
  • Action: License suspended for 14 days and fined $6,750.

November 2013

Road Rescue Towing — Everett

  • Finding:
    • Failed to record the second-highest bid and the second-highest bidder’s information as required.
    • Impounded a vehicle on or about October 22, 2012, and failed to auction the vehicle until they conducted an abandoned vehicle auction on or about February 16, 2013. There wasn’t a successful bidder for the vehicle at the auction, but they completed an affidavit of sale and sold the vehicle on February 25, 2013.
    • Failed to enter complete vehicle information into the master log.
  • Action: Fined $1,750.

October 2013

American Towing — Everett

  • Finding: Overcharged storage fees, and failed to remit surplus funds.
  • Action: Fined $1,500, which is stayed (not imposed) as long as there are no similar violations for 1 year.

McCarthy Automotive Services — Spokane

  • Finding: Failed to remit late fees owed to renew their license, and stopped by the Washington State Patrol on 2 separate occasions with transporter plate 9285D affixed to the vehicle.
  • Action: Transporter license #9285 revoked for 1 year.

Speedway Towing — Snohomish

  • Finding: Failed to timely auction vehicles.
  • Action: Fined $3,500, which is stayed (not imposed) as long as there are no similar violations for 1 year.

September 2013

BDR Towing, LLC. — Woodinville

  • Finding:
    • Impounded a vehicle and failed to indicate the time of day the vehicle was released in the master log.
    • Released a vehicle and failed to maintain a copy of the right of redemption and opportunity for a hearing form in the transaction file.
    • Impounded vehicles and failed to timely process the abandoned vehicle report through the Department.
    • Failed to timely mail notices of custody and sale to the legal and registered owners.
    • Overcharged a customer for ½ day of storage.
  • Action: Fined $500.

Inter-County Towing — Everett

  • Finding:
    • Impounded a vehicle and a WSP audit revealed that a copy of the Authorization to Impound form was missing.
    • Impounded a vehicle, sold the vehicle at auction, but never submitted the surplus funds to the Department of Licensing.
  • Action: Fined $2,000 and operator agrees to pay the surplus funds of $2,290 to the Department.

February 2013

Barlow Auto Wrecking — Rainier

  • Finding:
    • Acquired vehicles without properly endorsed or completed paperwork from owners.
    • Failed to mark major component parts with yard numbers.
    • Failed to complete monthly wrecker reports.
    • Sold catalytic converters without furnishing the purchaser a bill of sale.
  • Action: Fine is stayed as long as the Washington State Patrol reports no similar violations at the next scheduled inspection.

Fisher Towing — Monroe

  • Finding: The Authorization to Impound or Tow and Vehicle Inventory Forms were signed prior to impound and the authorizing person was not present at the time and place of impound on two separate occasions involving a total of 87 vehicles.
  • Action: Respondent surrendered the Registered Tow Truck Operator license number 5251 for 5 years.

Helberg Towing — Sunnyside

  • Finding: Failed to pay penalty assessed by the director.
  • Action: Respondent agrees to pay the remainder of the monetary penalty. If respondent violates any provision of the order, the department may take further action against the Respondent’s license.

Pacific Towing & Recovery — Spokane

  • Finding: Failed to pay penalty assessed by the director.
  • Action: Tow truck operator license is suspended until the monetary penalty has been received by the department.

Top Notch Towing — Lake Stevens

  • Finding: Late title transfers.
  • Action: Fined $1,000.

January 2013

Granite Falls Towing, LLC — Granite Falls

  • Finding: Failed to pay the fine assessed by the director.
  • Action: Tow truck operator license suspended until the fine is paid in full.

Martinez Body Shop — Wapato

  • Finding: Failed to remove license plates from a vehicle and timely submit monthly wrecker reports.
  • Action: Fined $1,000.
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