Disciplinary actions: Vehicle wreckers

For details about many of these disciplinary actions, please see Search business and professional licenses.

March 2014

Michael Sorensen — Seatac

  • Finding: Unlicensed wrecker activity.
  • Action: Cease and desist. Fined $500.

Finish Line — Tacoma

  • Finding: Unlicensed wrecker activity.
  • Action: $14,500 fine is stayed pending no similar violations within 1 year.

January 2014

In Motion Auto, LLC — Everett

  • Finding: Failure to provide required monthly reports to DOL and to maintain an established place of business.
  • Action: Fined $250.

November 2013

Parts Locators — Graham

  • Finding: Paid fees to renew their wrecker license, but failed to submit the required certification from the Washington State Patrol.
  • Action: Renewal of wrecker license is denied.

September 2013

Firas M. Ayoka dba Auoka Trading — Tacoma

  • Finding:
    • WSP advised the Respondent of the requirements for assigning yard numbers, properly marking vehicles and vehicle parts, correct completion of bills of sale and maintaining records and making those records available for inspection.
    • During an inspection by the WSP, the inspector observed and photographed:
      • Wrecked vehicles that were located outside of the wrecking yard.
      • Lack of yard numbers marked on vehicles located inside the wrecking yard.
      • 2 license plates in the wrecking yard that had not been removed from vehicles and destroyed.
      • Major component parts inside the wrecking yard that were not marked with yard numbers.
    • Respondent acquired and submitted five Vehicle Certificates of Ownership to the Department as the acquisition document for vehicles that were not properly released by the registered owners.
  • Action: Fined $11,750, which is stayed as long as the Respondent does not apply for a vehicle wrecker license for 3 years.

August 2013

Absolute German — Seattle

  • Finding:
    • A vehicle marked with a yard number was stored outside the wrecking yard.
    • The activities conducted inside the wrecking yard were visible to the public through a wide front gate, which was open continuously throughout the day.
    • Vehicles marked with a yard number were stored inside the wrecking yard with a license plate attached to a bumper.
    • Acquired a vehicle and received a registration for the vehicle from the owner. A bill of sale wasn’t included with the registration.
    • Three vehicles they acquired were missing from the March 2013 monthly wrecker report.
  • Action: Fined $500.

July 2013

Timothy Pennington, Pennington Metals & Auto Recycling — Buckley

  • Finding: Unlicensed wrecker activity.
  • Action: Fined $3,000, which is stayed as long as the wrecker license is renewed before March 31, 2014.

March 2013

General Metals of Tacoma, dba Schnitzer Steel — Portland

  • Finding: Acquired vehicles without obtaining an affidavit of lost or stolen title from the registered owners.
  • Action: Fined $1,000.

Smitty’s Inc. — North Bend

  • Finding:
    • Major component parts in the wrecking yard were not marked with yard numbers.
    • Unable to identify or provide records for crushed vehicles.
    • Failed to timely report the acquisition of vehicles on the Wrecker Monthly Report to the Department.
  • Action: Fined $12,000, which is stayed as long as they don’t commit further violations for 1 year.

February 2013

Peat’s Auto — Auburn

  • Finding:
    • Items not marked with yard numbers.
    • Failed to destroy license plate within 24 hours of entering that vehicle into the wrecking yard.
    • Failed to have records concerning the sale of vehicles or the major component parts to those vehicles, but those vehicles were not located at the established place of business.
  • Action: Fined $6,000.
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