Frequently asked questions: Engineers, land surveyors, and on-site

Licensing and exams

I’m currently licensed in Washington, and am applying to become licensed in another state. How do I verify my license? Is there a fee?
Go to and follow the instructions for requesting a license or exam verification. If your state isn’t listed, email the verification form to us at or fax it to us at 360.664.2551. We’ll send it directly to the state you have requested. We don’t charge a fee to verify your license or exam.

Day-to-day practice

I’m a professional land surveyor, and while researching property I found an error on a survey recorded by another land surveyor. Can I amend the survey?
No, you can only amend a survey you recorded. You can tell the surveyor about the error so he or she can amend the survey. If the surveyor won’t correct the survey, and you think it’s a substantial error, you can file a complaint with us. If you were hired to do a survey of that property or adjoining property, you would still do a complete and record that survey.

As a professional land surveyor, how do I record an amended survey to correct minor scrivener’s errors or typos on a survey I recorded?
There are 2 ways to record the correction:

  • Make the correction and record an amended survey, noting the correction on the amendment.
  • or
  • Complete an affidavit of correction and record it with the county. The affidavit will be attached to your survey. (WAC 332-130-050(3).)

If I review another engineer or land surveyor’s work, should I stamp their documents?
No, when you review the work done by another professional engineer or land surveyor, you must prepare a report that discusses the findings of your review along with any supporting calculations or sketches. Then you must seal/stamp, sign, and date the report. The report will make reference to, or be attached to, the documents you reviewed. (WAC 196-23-020 (5).)

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