News updates: Engineers, land surveyors, and on-site

Survey Advisory Board Proposed Survey Narrative Requirement

The Department of Natural Resources, Survey Advisory Board is seeking stakeholder input on possible rule making to define a Survey Narrative. This is not a proposal of the Board of Registration.

Are you using the correct/stamp?

In 2008, the Board amended the rule regarding what your seal/stamp must look like. The new seal/stamp image no longer contains the expiration box.

Electronic Documents: A Draft Board Interpretive Guideline

The board has developed this guideline to help licensees and public officials understand and develop processes for the use of digital media in the engineering and surveying professions.

NCEES standards recognized by ANSI

Standard licensing requirements for professional engineers and surveyors approved by the National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Board position on incidental surveying practice

The Board’s position on professional engineers performing topographic surveying.

Use of the term “Engineer”

Board policy about the use of the term “engineer.”

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