How to renew your license: Embalmers

How to renew

  • Renew online
  • or
  • Renew by mail. Send your renewal notice with a check or money order for the fee (payable to the Department of Licensing) to the address listed on the notice.

Is your address up-to-date?

If you moved or didn’t receive a renewal notice, please contact us.

Have you met your continuing education requirements?

You must meet the board policy on continuing education when you renew your license. See below for details about these requirements.

Continuing education requirements

To renew your license, you must:

  • Have 5 hours of continuing education (CE) each year.
    • The education must include at least 1 hour of OSHA/WISHA training. (AIDS education is no longer required.)
    • Qualifying activities become eligible for credit when completed.
    • Continuing education activities aren’t preapproved by the board. You’re responsible to seek out qualifying activities that can be demonstrated as relevant.
  • Indicate you have completed the required continuing education when you renew your license. By renewing your license, you attest you have completed the required CE for that renewal period.
  • Record your continuing education. You don’t need to report it unless you’re audited.

Acceptable continuing education activities

Continuing education activities must:

  • Be relevant to the practice of embalming, and may include technical, ethical, or managerial content.
  • Have a clear purpose and objective that will maintain, improve, or expand skills and knowledge relevant to the practice of the profession.

Examples of qualifying activities (1 hour of activity = 1 hour of CE):

  • Attendance at a professional development seminar.
  • Attendance at a Funeral and Cemetery Board meeting.
  • Attendance at an industry conference.
  • Publication of a book you wrote related to funeral service.
  • Completion of books, recordings, or videos that add to the skills and knowledge of the profession.

Recordkeeping requirements

You must maintain records of your CE activities for 3 years (the period of your current renewal plus the 2 years before your last renewal). The records must include all of the following:

  • Date of the activity.
  • Provider’s name.
  • Description of the activity.
  • Location.
  • Number of CE credits.

You may face disciplinary action for failing to complete the CE requirement or falsifying CE records.


The board will select 5–15% of licensees at random each year for audits. If you’re selected for an audit, you’ll be asked to submit records of your CE activities for the last license period. You may use the Funeral and Embalmer Continuing Education Worksheet or a similar form to record your activities and hours.

If your CE credits are disqualified

The board is the final authority with respect to qualifying activities and CE credit. If an audit disqualifies CE you reported and results in your failing to complete the requirements, the board may require you to make up the CE within the time period they determine.

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