Fees: Funeral and cemeteries

Cemeteries Fee
Certificate of Authority to Operate $300
Certificate of Authority renewal $6.20/burial performed during the previous year
Prearrangement sales license $250
Prearrangement sales license renewal $225
Exemption from prearrangement sales license $70
Exemption from prearrangement sales license renewal $35
Cremated remains disposition permit $70
Cremated remains disposition permit renewal $35
Crematories Fee
Crematory license $210
Crematory endorsement renewal $8.00/cremation per year
Embalmers Fee
Embalmer exam application $100
Embalmer license renewal $150
Embalmer late renewal with penalty $185
Embalmer duplicate license $25
Funeral directors Fee
Funeral director exam application $100
Funeral director license renewal $150
Funeral director late renewal with penalty $185
Funeral director duplicate license $25
Funeral establishments Fee
Funeral establishment application $400
Funeral establishment renewal $325
Funeral establishment branch location application $350
Funeral establishment branch location renewal $325
Prearrangement funeral service contract registration application $250
Prearrangement funeral service contract registration renewal $225
Certificate of removal registration $30
Certificate of removal registration renewal $15
Internships Fee
Funeral director intern application $135
Funeral director intern renewal $100
Embalmer intern application $135
Embalmer intern renewal $100
Duplicate license $25

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