Examinations: Geologists

Due to facility issues, this licensing program has limited operations. There may be delays in responding to requests. We apologize for the inconvenience. We’re working toward resuming all business operations as soon as possible.

National Association of State Boards of Geology Examination

We administer the National Association of State Boards of Geology (ASBOG) examination 2 times a year, on dates set by ASBOG. The examination consists of:

  • Fundamentals of Geology (4 hours)
  • Practice of Geology (4 hours)

How to apply

Before you can take the examination, make sure you meet the minimum requirements. To take the examination, complete the Geologist and/or Specialty License Application.

ASBOG examination schedule
Exam date and location Due date for application and fees
September 30, 2016
Olympia, WA
July 8, 2016
March 17, 2017
Olympia, WA
December 27, 2016

Exam fees

You’ll need to pay 2 different fees:

  1. The cost to apply for the ASBOG exams is $100 (check or money order payable to the Department of Licensing). This fee includes your application, license, and certificate.
  2. After you receive our approval letter to take the exam, you'll need to pay the exam fee to ASBOG.
    • If you don't pay the ASBOG fee by their deadline, you won't be able to take the exam.

Due dates

  • Applications and fees must be postmarked before or on the application due date.
  • All supplemental material (transcripts, employment and experience verification forms, personal references and lists of projects) must be received on the same due date as application and fees (see above).

Specialty exams

We also administer examinations to be licensed as an Engineering Geologist or a Hydrogeologist. You must be licensed as a geologist in Washington in order to take a specialty examination.

Engineering geologist and Hydrogeologist licensing examination

Engineering geologist and Hydrogeologist licensing examinations are offered 2 times a year, on the same dates as the ASBOG exam. (see ASBOG schedule above)

Applications, fees, and project lists must be postmarked before or on the application due date.

For veterans

U.S. Veterans may be eligible for partial reimbursements of costs. For more information: Education and Training | Licensing and Certification

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