Course approval: Home inspectors

We must approve all courses presented to students for clock-hour credit before the date on which the course is offered for credit. When the course is approved, we’ll send a certificate of course approval to the education provider.

New course approval

Please submit your course information well in advance of the date you intend to offer the course. We reserve the right to have 45 days to complete our approval process.

Fundamentals of Home Inspection

To get approval of a new Fundamentals of Home Inspection course, send us:

  • 2 copies of the following:
    • A completed, signed Home Inspector Course Approval Application.
    • The course outline, including learning objectives and an hourly breakdown.
    • A list of any texts, handouts, and other instructional materials.
    • The examination and answer key, with a minimum of 200 questions.
  • A $75 check made out to the Department of Licensing to pay the 2-year fee.

Continuing education courses

To get approval of a new continuing education course, send us:


If there are no changes in course content

To renew a previously-approved course that hasn’t had any changes in the course content, you only need to submit a new Home Inspector Course Approval Application and a check for the fee (payable to the Washington State Treasurer). You won’t need to submit additional supporting material.

If course content has changed

To renew a previously-approved course if changes have been made to the course content, you must submit the course for approval as if it were a new course. Follow the directions above for getting approval of a new course.

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