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To qualify for a designated broker’s endorsement, you must have:

  • A Washington State real estate managing broker’s license.
  • A controlling interest in each firm for which you’re a designated broker.

How to apply for an endorsement

  1. Complete both a Real Estate Endorsement Application and a Real Estate Firm Application.
  2. If the firm is changing people with controlling interest other than the designated broker, also complete a Real Estate Firm Controlling Interest.
  3. Submit your completed applications and any required supporting forms with a check or money order for the fees (payable to the Department of Licensing):
    • By mail to:
      Real Estate Licensing
      Department of Licensing
      PO Box 3917
      Seattle, WA 98124-3917

Endorsement expiration

Your designated broker’s endorsement is on your managing broker’s license. The endorsement will expire with your license 2 years after it is issued.

How to renew your endorsement

Your designated broker’s endorsement will be renewed automatically when you update your managing broker’s license. See How to renew your license: Real estate brokers and managing brokers to learn how to renew your license.

How to remove an endorsement from your license

  • If the firm closes, you must complete a Designated Broker Closing Firm/Branch Affidavit to remove your designated broker’s endorsement for that firm. If you were the designated broker for only the firm that closed, you’ll become an inactive managing broker until you complete a new real estate license application and become an active managing broker at another firm.
  • If you are resigning as designated broker, complete a letter of resignation to remove your designated broker’s endorsement. Another managing broker must be endorsed as the new designated broker for the firm at the same time you submit a letter of resignation.

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