Frequently asked questions: Scrap metal businesses

Due to facility issues, this licensing program has limited operations. There may be delays in responding to requests. We apologize for the inconvenience. We’re working toward resuming all business operations as soon as possible.

Will I need a license to collect and sell empty aluminum cans?
You won’t need any of the scrap metal licenses with the Department of Licensing, but you may need a business license with the Department of Revenue. We recommend you contact the Business Licensing Service at the Department of Revenue to find out if you need one.

Can I buy non-vehicle scrap metal if I already have a vehicle wrecker, hulk hauler, or salvage processor license?
No, those licenses allow you to acquire metal as part of a vehicle. A scrap metal processor, recycler, or supplier license is a needed to buy non-vehicle scrap metal.

Will I need to have more than 1 license if I recycle and process scrap metal?
No, the licenses are tiered:

  • A processor can act as a processor, recycler, or supplier.
  • A recycler can act as recycler or supplier.
  • A supplier can act only as a supplier.

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