Fees: Vehicle transport and disposal

Vehicle transporter license fees Fee
Vehicle transporter license $25
Transporter license plate $3 each
Registered tow truck operator license fees Fee
Registered tow truck operator license $100
Tow truck permit $50 each
Registered tow truck operator branch license No fee
Hulk hauler license fees Fee
Hulk hauler license $10
First hulk hauler license plate $6 each
Additional hulk hauler license plates $3 each
Vehicle wrecker license fees Fee
Vehicle wrecker license $25
First vehicle wrecker license plate $6 each
Additional vehicle wrecker license plates $3 each
Wrecker branch license No Fee
Scrap processor license fees Fee
Scrap processor license $25
First scrap processor license plate $6 each
Additional scrap processor license plates $3 each
Other fees that may apply Fee
Business License Application fee $19 (non-refundable)
State tax registration No fee
Registering your business name as trade name $5
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