Rulemaking activity: Vehicle and vessel dealers

WAC 308-66-152: Unlawful practices

Motor Vehicle Dealer rebate advertising

The Washington state new car vehicle industry has requested a change to the existing rebate advertising rules to prohibit rebate offers from being subtracted from the vehicle offering price, unless generally available to the public. The change is expected to provide the new car buying public a more accurate way of comparing advertising prices between dealers.

DOL has been working with the Office of Attorney General, consumer protection division, and Washington State Auto Dealer Association in developing the rule change.

Rule and status Public hearings or comments

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RCW 46.96: Manufacturers' and dealers' franchise agreements

Bill ESSB 6272, passed during the 2014 regular legislature session, makes several changes to Chapter 46.96 which regulates manufacturers' and dealers' franchise agreements.

Summary of changes the bill contains:

  • Defines a few new terms such as “completed vehicle” and “Dealer management computer system vendor”.
  • Allows two new conditions for a manufacturer to cancel a franchise.
  • Clarifies what a dealer may include in charges for service work.
  • Stipulates that a manufacturer shall compensate the dealer for any documentation they require to prove service work. All claims for warranty work must now be submitted to the manufacturer within 90 days.
  • Adds a new subsection which further clarifies how a manufacturer that held a vehicle dealer license in Washington on January 1, 2014.
  • Adds a new section deals with changes, alterations, or remodels to a dealership.

Finally, there are now allowances for a new vehicle dealer to source franchisor elements from alternative sources.

There are a few other, minor changes in the bill as well. Please read the entire bill to ensure that you are up to date with all the changes.

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