Frequently asked questions: E-Permitting for vehicle dealers

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What do you have questions about?

You can also see an overview of E-Permitting, including sample screens, in the E-Permitting presentation.

The switch to E-Permitting

What is E-Permitting?
E-Permitting is the electronic process used to issue vehicle dealer temporary permits to customers who buy vehicles from Washington-licensed dealerships. These permits are issued with the new online E-Permitting system.
What will I need to use the E-Permitting system?
You’ll need:
  • A computer with any operating system (e.g. Windows) and any of the following browser software:
    • Internet Explorer 6 or newer
    • Firefox 2 or newer
    • Safari 3.1 or newer
  • Internet access (broadband, DSL, or dial-up)
  • Adobe Reader or similar software for reading PDF files
  • A laser or inkjet printer
Do I have to sign up for the E-Permitting system if I take the customer and vehicle to the subagent on the date of sale instead of issuing dealer temporary permits?
No, as long as you go to the vehicle licensing office to complete the licensing transaction.
Why are dealerships required to use the E-Permitting system?
The 2008 legislature passed RCW 46.16.045(05), which requires all dealerships to use E-Permitting by July 1, 2011. The bill was passed in an effort to automate the dealer temporary permit process. In the interest of public safety, the bill also enables law enforcement to check E-Permit and paper permit records.
Who is using the E-Permitting system?
Washington-licensed vehicles, miscellaneous, off-road vehicles, trailers, campers, snowmobile dealers, and the Department of Licensing. Law enforcement also has access to the permit records created by the system.
What are the benefits of using the E-Permitting system?
  • You don’t have to keep a stack of cardboard permits.
  • You get advanced reporting features to manage dealer temporary permits.
  • You can easily print replacement permits.
  • Law enforcement will have instant access to dealer temporary permit registration information.
Is there a cost to use the E-Permitting system?
No, the system is free of charge. The only expense you may have would be the cost of a computer, printer, printer paper, or Internet access if you need to purchase them.
Do I have to be a member of an association to use the E-Permitting system?
No. The E-Permitting system is intended for all Washington-licensed dealers to use on Washington-licensed vehicles, miscellaneous, off-road vehicles, snowmobiles, trailers, and campers.
Will vessel dealers or miscellaneous-licensed dealers use the E-Permitting system for vessels?
No. The E-Permitting system is only for vehicles. Dealers authorized to sell vessels will still issue cardboard temps.
Since E-Permits aren’t used for vessels, is there going to be a specialized paper permit for vessels? Will vessels be included in E-Permitting in the future?
The process for vessels will remain the same. The law only required the E-Permitting system for vehicles, so vessels won’t take part. There are no plans to include vessels in the future.

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SecureAccess Washington and applying for E-Permitting access

How do I get access to the new E-Permitting system?
Follow the steps on our Getting started web page.
Is there a cost to register with SecureAccess Washington?
How do I get a DOL access code?
Use the number displayed in the “DOL access code” box under ”Step 1: Get a DOL access code for each user” on our Getting Started web page. If you need more than one code, click the “Get another number” button to get additional DOL Access Codes.
What is a location code and where do I find it?
The location code is assigned by the Business Licensing Service when you receive your dealer license. It can be found in the upper right corner of your Business License document.
How do I add E-Permitting to my list of services in SecureAccess Washington?
After you’ve received an email notification from DOL E-Permitting, log into SecureAccess Washington and:
  1. Click on the “Add a New Service” tab.
  2. Enter “dolepermit” (without capital letters, spaces, or hyphens) in the “Service Code” box, and click “Apply.”
  3. Enter all the information requested on the screen, including your DOL access code, and click “Register.”
  4. Close your browser.
To learn more, see “Step 4: Get access to the E-Permitting system” on our Getting Started page.
I wasn’t allowed to add E-Permitting to my list of services, what do I do now?
Refer to the Vehicle E-Permit Online Access Application your dealership submitted and the Welcome to E-Permitting email sent to you to make sure you entered all your user information accurately. Then reapply to add E-Permitting to your list of services.
What do I do if I don’t have a Service Code box in the Add A New Service tab?
Log out of SecureAccess Washington, close your web browser, and wait at least 4 hours to allow the system to reset. Then try again.
Does each user that creates a SecureAccess Washington account have access to the same E-Permitting account?
Yes, there’s one account per dealer number and location code. Each user on your E-Permit Online Access Application will need to create a SecureAccess Washington password and user ID, and apply to add E-Permitting to their list of services.
We have one dealer number that covers multiple locations. Do I need to send in a separate Vehicle Dealer E-Permit Online Access Application for each location code?
Yes, when you sign up for E-Permitting you’ll have to register each location separately. You’ll need to fill out and submit an application for each physical location you have (not including vessel dealer locations).
Our dealership has more than one dealer license number. Do I need to send in a separate Vehicle Dealer E-Permit Online Access Application for each dealer number?
Yes, you’ll need to fill out and send in an application for each dealer number you have (not including vessel dealer licenses).
We have more than one dealer number and location code, but only one physical address. Do I need to send in a Vehicle Dealer E-Permit Online Access Application request for each dealer and location code?
Normally, you would have to file an application for each dealership number and location code, but sites that have the same physical address can share an account. If you choose to use a combined account:
  • You must choose one dealership number and location code to create one E-Permitting account.
  • The dealerships that share the E-Permitting account must have the same physical address.
  • The dealership number, location code, and business name you choose will be used for all your E-Permitting paperwork.
  • If you need to display individual dealership information on your paperwork or activities, don’t combine your accounts because they’ll only be recorded under that one E-Permitting account. In this case you’ll need to apply for an account for each individual dealership.
I work for more than one dealership. Do I have to create a separate SecureAccess Washington (SAW) account for each dealership?
Does my E-Permitting account expire?
Your SecureAccess Washington account password will expire after 18 months of inactivity. The system will send you several emails before it will deactivate your account.

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E-Permits and cardboard temps

What do I do with my hard-copy dealer temporary permits after E-permitting is implemented on July 1?
You may continue to use hard-copy dealer temporary permits after July 1, 2011. However, if you use a hard-copy permit, you must enter the hard-copy permit number into the E-permitting system to validate the use of the permit. Entering the permit number into the E-Permitting system is mandatory, and allows law enforcement to access data about the vehicle and registered owner during traffic stops or other similar situations.
This is also the process used if the E-Permitting System becomes unavailable due to a technical system failure. The process is designed so any failure of the system won’t affect the flow of business. It’s important to note that dealers who haven’t signed up for E-Permitting must do so right away in order to be in compliance with the July 1, 2011 effective date.
How do I enter the information on a hard-copy dealer temporary permit into the E-Permitting system?

When you’re signed up to use the E-Permitting system:

  1. Go to the E-Permitting Dealer Home Page.
  2. Click “Enter” in the Temporary Paper section.
  3. Enter the 8-character paper permit number. Start with the alphabet, followed by 7 digits.

Note: You can find step-by-step instructions on how to enter hard-copy dealer temporary permits by clicking the Help button at the top right of the home page. This takes you to the E-Permitting Dealer User Manual. Refer to the “Temporary Paper Permit” section in the Table of Contents to find the page number for instructions.

Where do I purchase E-Permits?
You can purchase up to 99 E-Permits at a time at any vehicle licensing office. But instead of a stack of permits, you’ll get a receipt for your purchase and an automatic credit to your online account that will allow you to issue the number of permits purchased through the online system.
How do I issue E-Permits?
If you’re a Washington-licensed dealer, you’ll access the E-Permitting system through the Internet on your own computers. To get access to the E-Permitting system, you must first submit a completed Vehicle Dealer E-Permit Online Access Application.
Why would I issue hard-copy temporary permits?
  • The E-Permitting system is down.
  • You’re at an off-site sale location where you don’t have access to the Internet.
  • A hardware failure at your dealer location prevents access to data. Hardware failure doesn’t include not having supplies such as paper and ink cartridges on hand.
  • Your Internet service provider or phone line is down.
What do I need to do if I issue hard-copy dealer temporary permits?
If you issue hard-copy paper permits, you must enter the information from the hard-copy permit into the E-Permitting system within 24 hours of issuance or hardware/software resolution, or within 24 hours of returning to the office if the hard copy was issued off-site.
Can I purchase E-Permits for my main dealership location and share them with our other locations?
No, each dealership location is set up independently from the others. When you purchase E-Permits from your local licensing office, the permits are only credited to the dealer number and location code you provide. If you need to have E-Permit credits at a different location, you must do it at the time of purchase. Simply provide the location code you want to purchase the E-Permits for, and they’ll be sent electronically to that location.
Will I be able to purchase cardboard temps?
Yes, you’ll still be able to purchase cardboard temps if you’re signed up for the E-Permitting system. You’ll only be able to use the cardboard temps as backup if the E-Permitting system is down or if you’re selling away from your dealer location at an event without Internet connection. You won’t be able to purchase cardboard temps if you aren’t signed up for the E-Permitting system. Choosing not to have Internet connection at your dealer location isn’t a reason for using cardboard temps or for not signing up for the E-Permitting system.
Are E-Permits refundable?
Refunds are only made if a dealer goes out of business or is unable to print E-Permits due to problems with SecureAccess Washington or the E-permitting system.
Our business has just been bought by another dealership. Can I transfer our existing available E-Permits to the new dealership?
No, available E-Permits for a dealer can’t be transferred to another dealer. However, you can request a refund for your remaining E-Permits. The new dealership will have to apply for access to the E-Permitting system for their assigned dealer number and location code, and then purchase new E-Permits for their dealership.

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Using E-Permitting

Should ORVs and snowmobiles get E-Permits?
Yes, E-Permits will be used for off-road vehicles, snowmobiles, trailers, and campers — everything except vessels.
How do I issue an E-Permit if I have more than one location for my dealer number?
When issuing an E-Permit, you’ll need to provide both your dealer number and the location code to your local agent/subagent office so they know which dealership location the E-Permit should be credited to.
Does E-Permitting automatically calculate the fees for us, or will we still need to manually input the fees?
The E-Permitting system doesn’t contain fee information or automatically calculate the fees. You must manually fill in those numbers.
How do I find the scale weight or value code?
Visit one of the following websites:
What is a tax jurisdiction?

It’s the 4-digit jurisdiction code of the dealer’s location, unless the vehicle is delivered. If the vehicle is delivered, it’s the 4-digit jurisdiction code of the customer’s residence (or business if the vehicle is being titled in a business name). You can find a list of all the tax jurisdiction codes and tax rates at the Washington Department of Revenue website.

To see details for each field in E-Permitting, you can click on the Help link at the upper right of the E-Permitting Dealer Home Page. This will display the E-Permitting — Dealer User Manual, which can help you effectively use the E-Permitting system.

What goes in the required Driver License area if someone without a driver license wants to purchase a vehicle that will be driven by someone else?
Put “EXEMPT” in the driver’s license/ID card/UBI field.
If I make an error on an E-Permit, can I correct it in the E-Permitting system or do I need a certificate of fact?
It depends on the error and where you are in the process.
  • If you find an error before you finalize the transaction, you can click the “edit” link for that section to go back and make your change.
  • If you find an error after you complete the transaction and print out the permit documents, you can’t go back and make corrections online. You’ll need to complete a Certificate of Fact for any changes you make.
If a deal falls through after we’ve issued an E-Permit, and it’s past the 96-hour period, how do we revoke the permit or account for it not being valid anymore?
After 96 hours, it will work just as it did with a hard-copy paper permit. Take back the E-Permit, void it, and keep in your office for auditing purposes. Complete a Certificate of Fact to note the reason for the voided transaction. There are no refunds for this voided transaction.
How do I void a permit after the 96-hour period?
You may use the “revoke” option in the E-Permitting system to void a permit within 96 hours after issuance. After that time, you’ll need to print out the permit, write ‘void’ across it, and complete a Certificate of Fact to document why it wasn’t properly voided within 96 hours. You must keep the voided permit in your office for 5 years for audit purposes, as required by RCW 46.70.120.
What do we do if the legal owner changes between issuance of the E-Permit and the title application being submitted to DOL?
Draw a line through the incorrect information, write in the correct information, and complete a Certificate of Fact.
How are the 4 pages of the printed E-Permit used?

Page 1: Certificate of Fact for Address Verification is kept by the dealer for audit purpose.

Page 2: Second copy of the Certificate of Fact for Address Verification goes to your vehicle licensing agent with the titling work.

Page 3: Temporary Vehicle Registration goes to the customer.

Page 4: Temporary permit is displayed in the vehicle.

Note: If there are more than 2 registered or legal owners, there will be 6 pages instead of 4. The additional page listing the other registered or legal owners is attached to Page 1.

Are dealers required to keep hard copies of the permit log in their files with the E-Permitting System?
No, you don’t have to print out the E-Permit Log and Paper Permit Log unless they’re needed. Your E-Permit Log and Paper Permit Log are available in the E-Permitting system for 6 years, and you can view or print the logs at any time.
Where is the option to run reports in E-Permitting?
It’s found under Reports on the Dealer Home page. Only User Managers have the option to run reports in E-Permitting. To change the role of a user, the User Manager must submit a signed Vehicle Dealer E-Permit Online User List Modification form.
Do we have to notify Department of Licensing when adding, removing, or updating employee information on the E-Permitting system?
Yes, the dealership owner or manager must complete a Vehicle Dealer E-Permit Online User List Modification form. The modification form is used to add new users, remove users, or update user information (name change, etc.). The form must contain the correct dealer number or location code of the employee.
How long does it take to remove a user from my E-Permitting account?

It may take at least 24 hours to remove a former employee from the E-Permitting system. The User Manager must complete a Vehicle Dealer E-Permit Online User List Modification form and fax it to us at the number on the form. If you have an urgent request, please call us at 360.664.6573.

If the User Manager has access to each user’s SecureAccess Washington user ID, password, and other account information, he or she can terminate a SecureAccess Washington account immediately.

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What do I do if I forgot my password or get locked out of SecureAccess Washington?
Click on “Forgot your password?” below the login button on SecureAccess Washington. If you still can’t log on, you’ll need to contact SecureAccess Washington Support. You can find their contact information by clicking on “Help” at the SecureAccess Washington log in page, and then clicking “Contact Support” at the top of the Frequently Asked Questions page.
What should I do if I can’t access my E-Permitting service or a “no access” message appears?
Make sure you’re using Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox as your internet browser. You can’t use Google Chrome to access E-Permitting. Versions of Internet Explorer by service providers such as Yahoo, AOL, etc. have also been known to cause problems when accessing E-Permitting.
What if the E-permitting system is down and I can’t issue an E-Permit?
Issue a cardboard temp. That’s why we recommend each office keep some cardboard temps on hand. Starting July 1, 2011, you’ll be required to enter the cardboard temps as paper permits into the system as soon as it is up so law enforcement will have access to the record.
What should I do if the E-Permit doesn’t print after I click Submit?

Don’t click OK immediately after you click Submit. Wait a few seconds for the print file to generate.

If a print file doesn’t generate after a few seconds, check the following:

  • Is the current version of Adobe Reader installed on your computer? You can get a free update at the Adobe website at
  • Is the print file window displayed behind other programs you’re running?
  • Is the pop-up blocker for SecureAccess Washington turned on? If so, turn it off by following these steps (Internet Explorer only):
    1. Open your Internet Explorer web browser.
    2. Click Tools in the top menu, click Pop-up Blocker and select Pop-up Blocker Settings.
    3. In the “Address of website to allow” box, type the address (URL) of the website where you want to see pop-ups and click the Add button.
    4. Repeat step 3 for every website you want to allow pop-ups from. When you’re finished, click the Close button.

If the print file still doesn’t appear, you’ll need to reprint the E-Permit. Be sure to write down the E-Permit number. Then go back to the Dealer Home Page, click “Reprint” under “Temporary E-Permit,’ and follow the steps.

Refer to the E-Permit Troubleshooting Questions. You may need to get help from your technical support.
What if my account shows I have E-Permitting credits available, but the system says “0 permits available” when I click Create?
This happens if your session has expired after several minutes of inactivity. When the session expires, the system displays a page that says “Your session has expired. Please log in again to access the E-Permitting system.” You won’t be allowed to perform any operations until you log back on to SecureAccess Washington.

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