Driver License

For Central Washington wildfire victims

We’re offering services to replace lost driver license or ID cards, and provide vehicle and vessel documentation for individuals affected by the wildfires.

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Getting a license

Steps to getting your first license | Driver training and testing | Military personnel | … more on getting a license

Renewal and updates

Renew your driver license | Update your driver license | Renew your driver license while out of state | … more on renewal and updates

Replace a lost license

Replace your license or instruction permit | Replace your driver license while out of state | Identity crimes or fraud

Enhanced driver license/ID card (EDL/EID)

Steps to getting your EDL/EID | Renew your EDL/EID | Change your name or address | … more on EDL/EID


Do I need an endorsement? | How to get your endorsement or permit | Knowledge and riding skills tests | … more on motorcycles

Commercial Driver License (CDL)

Who needs a CDL? | Steps to getting your CDL | CDL training | … more on CDL

ID cards

Get your WA identification card | Renew your ID card | Replace a lost ID card | … more on ID cards


Driving record

Purchase a driving record | Purchase another person’s driving record | Check the status of a driver license or ID card | … more on driving record

Suspended license

Learn how to reinstate your license | DUI | Restricted driver licenses | Hearings | … more on suspended licenses

Driving safety and accidents

Teen driver safety | Report unsafe drivers | Collision reporting | … more on driving safety and accidents

Driver licensing offices

Office locations | Tips for visiting an office

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