Types of barcodes

The backs of Washington State driver licenses and ID cards include 2 types of barcodes:

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  1. A simple barcode with the expiration date, tracking digit, and cardholder’s name.
  2. A more complex barcode with all the information about the license holder that is printed on the front of the card.
Data included in barcodes
Field Sample content
Class A
Restrictions U
Endorsements 7
Expiration date 07012015
Family name Doe
Given name Mary Jane
Issue date 04012010
Date of birth 07231957
Sex 2
Eye color Blue
Height 068 in
Weight 2
Address 1 123 Your Street
City Capitol City
State WA
Zip code 999990000
Customer ID number (license number) DOE88MJ501P1
Document discriminator DOE88MJ501P13301092CW1103
Country identification USA
Federal commercial vehicle codes None
Customer specific control number 3301092CW1103
WA specific endorsements None
Transaction types TT
Under 18 flag None
Under 21 flag None
Revision date None

Sample barcodes

To protect the security and integrity of driver licenses and ID cards, we don’t provide sample cards. If you need specifications or a sample barcode to test in your readers, please see:

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