Types of barcodes

The backs of Washington State driver licenses and ID cards include 2 types of barcodes:

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  1. A simple barcode with the expiration date, tracking digit, and cardholder’s name.
  2. A more complex barcode with all the information about the license holder that is printed on the front of the card.
Data included in barcodes
Field Sample content
Class None
Restrictions B
Endorsements L
Expiration date 08122020
Family name Sample
Given name John
Middle name A
Issue date 01062015
Date of birth 01061958
Physical Description - Sex 1
Physical Description - Eye Color DIC
Physical Description - Height 068 in
Street Address 1 123 Street Address
Address City Your City
Address - Jurisdiction Code WA
Address Postal Code 999991234
Customer ID number (license number) SAMPLJA18580
Document discriminator SAMPLJA185801234567XX1101
Country identification USA
Family Name Truncation N
First Name Truncation N
Middle Name Truncation N
Audit Information 1234567XX1101
Federal commercial vehicle codes None
Card Revision Date 02092016
Weight 165
Organ Donor Indicator 1
Veteran Indicator 1

Sample barcodes

To protect the security and integrity of driver licenses and ID cards, we don’t provide sample cards. If you need specifications or a sample barcode to test in your readers, please see:

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