Agribusiness: CDL

If you’ll be operating a commercial motor vehicle only for agribusiness purposes, you may get a restricted CDL without meeting the minimum training requirements. An “agribusiness” is a private carrier who primarily transports the following products during the normal course of business:

  • Farm machinery, farm equipment, and implements of husbandry.
  • Farm supplies and materials.
  • Seed, feed, fertilizer, and crop protection products.
  • Unprocessed agricultural commodities.
  • Any combination of the above.

How to apply

  1. The agribusiness employer completes the Minimum Training Requirements Exemption Application. It must be typed and include all of the following:
    • Company name
    • Business purpose of the company
    • Company owner
    • Company’s Unified Business Identifier (UBI) number
    • Company’s email address
    • Company’s physical address
    • Company’s phone number
    • Company’s fax number
    • Driver’s name
    • Driver’s Washington driver license number
  2. Submit the form to us by:
    • Mail:
      CDL Program
      Department of Licensing
      PO Box 9030
      Olympia, WA 98507-9030
    • Fax: 360.570.4915.
    • Email:
  3. We’ll review the request. If it’s approved, we’ll assign the driver a unique ID number and return the approved form to the agribusiness employer.
  4. The agribusiness employer must give the original approved form to the driver.
  5. The driver must pass all applicable CDL knowledge and skills tests, and present the the approved agribusiness exemption form and the completed CDL Skills Test Results form at the driver licensing office.
  6. We’ll issue the driver a restricted CDL that allows them to operate a commercial vehicle only for agribusiness purposes.

How to remove the agribusiness restriction

To remove the restriction on your CDL, you must visit a driver licensing office and present a school training certificate or an employer certificate.

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