CDL instruction permit (CDIP)

Who can apply for a CDIP

Any driver over 18 years old with a valid WA driver license. To operate commercial vehicles from state to state (interstate) you must be at least 21 years old.

How to apply for a CDIP

  1. Apply for a CDIP at a driver licensing office that offers knowledge testing (call to find out).
  2. Bring your current license and Social Security number, for ID purposes. This is a mandatory under federal law (49 USC 31308) and WA state law (RCW 46.25.070).
  3. Pass the knowledge test.
  4. Pay the fees.

How long a CDIP is valid

It’s valid for 6 months and may only be renewed once in a 2 year period.

CDIP driving restrictions

After you’ve been issued a CDIP:

  • You must be accompanied when you drive a commercial vehicle. They must:
    • Hold a valid CDL and have 2 years’ experience driving the type of commercial vehicle you are driving.
    • Have at least 5 years’ total driving experience.
    • Occupy the seat beside you for the purpose of giving instruction.
  • You can’t operate any commercial vehicle classified or placarded for hazardous materials.
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