Change your gender designation: Driver licenses and ID cards

If you’d like to change the gender designation on your driver license, ID card, Enhanced Driver License/ID Card (EDL/EID), or instruction permit to accurately reflect your identity:

  1. Complete a Change of Gender Designation Request.
    • Fill out the “Applicant” section of the form.
    • Any of the following may complete the “Physician” section of the form:
      • Medical physician
      • Internist
      • Endocrinologist
      • Gynecologist
      • Urologist
      • Osteopathic Physician
      • Psychiatrist
      • Psychologist
      • Washington state licensed naturopathic physician
      • Washington state licensed advanced registered nurse practitioner
      • Washington state licensed physician assistant
      • Washington state licensed certified osteopathic physician assistant
  2. Mail all of the following to the address on the form:
    • The request form.
    • A copy of your valid WA:
      • Driver license/ID card
      • EDL/EID
      • Instruction permit
  3. After we receive your information, we’ll send you a letter authorizing you to get a new card:
    • Online
    • or
    • At a driver licensing office. Bring along all of the following:
      • Our authorization letter
      • Your current WA:
        • Driver license/ID card
        • EDL/EID
        • Instruction permit
      • Payment for the fee.

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