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Knowledge and drive test


To get a Washington State driver license, most drivers need to take the knowledge test, also known as the written test and the drive test.

You may not need to take a knowledge or drive test if:

  • You show us a valid driver license from another state, and
  • You don’t have a medical or physical condition which would require testing.

Steps for taking the knowledge test

  1. If you don't already have a Washington license or permit, we need to create a record for you:
  2. Study the Washington Driver Guide - All the information you’ll need to pass the test.
  3. Take the practice test to get an idea of the test questions you’ll get.
  4. Take the test at a driver training and testing location. To pass the test you must get 20 out of 25 correct. If you don't pass:
    • the 1st time, you can test again in 4 hours.
    • the 2nd time, you can test again in 1 day.
  5. When you pass the test, if needed, schedule a drive test appointment at a driver training and testing location.

Taking the drive test

If you need to take the drive test, study the Washington Driver Guide.

Bring all of the following to your drive test appointment (if you don’t, you won’t be able to test):

  • Proof you have auto liability insurance, which includes:
    • Name of the policyholder and/or a description of the vehicle (year, make/model, or “fleet”).
    • Effective and expiration dates.
  • A vehicle in good working condition. All of the following must work properly:
    • Brakes and all 3 brake lights
    • Turn signals
    • Seat belts
    • Passenger door (must open and close from inside and outside)
    • Driver door window (must roll down far enough to allow you to use hand signals)
    • Mirrors (outside left and inside rearview, or outside left and outside right)
    • Windshield wipers, headlights, and defrosters (if weather requires)

Who can be in the car during the test?

Only you and the examiner can be in the car. Exceptions would be an approved service animal or a supervisor, who may ride along to observe.

Interpreters, parents, children, or pets can’t be in the car.

After the test

Your examiner will discuss your results. You must score 80 out of 100 to pass. If you don’t pass, check with your testing location to find out when you can take it again.

For more information before you take your drive test, check out, Driving test: What to expect

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