Commercial Driver Training Employer Certification

The Commercial Driver Training Employer Certification form is used only by registered employers to certify that a commercial driver they employ has the skills and training necessary to operate a commercial motor vehicle safely. Employees won’t need certification to take CDL knowledge or skills tests, but must present an original certificate when they are issued CDLs.

Employer registration required

Before you can certify drivers who work for you, you must register with us and receive a unique employer ID number. If haven’t registered with us yet, see Employer registration and certification or call the CDL Program at 360.902.3619 to learn more.


Note: You may fill out this form online, but you can’t save it.

  1. Provide all the information requested on the form. Be sure to:
    • Place the unique ID number you were issued by the CDL Program in the “Employer ID number” field at the top of the certificate.
    • Provide your Unified Business Identifier (UBI) number.
    • Indicate the class of vehicle the employee is certified to operate.
  2. Print the certification form on white paper, sign it, and give it to your employee.
    • The employee will need the original certificate to present to a driver licensing office when he or she is issued a CDL. We can’t accept photocopies, faxes, or emails of this certificate.
  3. Keep a copy of the completed, signed certificate for your records.


If you have questions or need help filling out this form, please contact the CDL Program at or 360.902.3619.

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