Permits: Commercial vehicles

Trip permits

A Washington commercial vehicle trip permit authorizes you to operate a single commercial vehicle at the maximum weight limit for 3 consecutive days. No more than 3 permits may be used for any 1 vehicle within a 30-day period.

Trip permits cost $30 each, and may be purchased at:

Fuel Permits

You must purchase a special fuel permit when entering Washington if you:

  • Don’t pay fuel tax under the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA).
  • and
  • Plan to operate a diesel or propane-powered commercial vehicle that has:
    • 2 axles and a gross vehicle weight (GVW) over 26,000 pounds
    • 3 or more axles regardless of weight.
    • A combination of vehicles with a combined GVW over 26,000 pounds.

Fuel permits are good for 3 consecutive days, and cost $30 each. You may buy fuel permits at:

Oversize or Overweight Permits

To purchase Oversize or Overweight Permits:

  • Write to:
    Department of Transportation
    PO Box 47367
    7345 Linderson Way
    Olympia WA 98504-7367
  • or
  • Call: 360.704.6340.

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