Fuel tax facts

On June 30, 2016, all current fuel tax licenses will expire. You must reapply for a new fuel tax license to continue operations in Washington. We encourage you to register your account early through the Taxpayer Access Point (TAP). TAP also provides you an easier and faster way to manage your fuel tax accounts.

TAP is now available for Fuel Tax and Unlicensed Refund customers. Please be patient with staff, as we might experience some delays with the implementation of a new system.

Fuel Tax Increase – Effective July 1, 2016, the fuel tax rate increases to $0.494.


We provide a variety of services related to fuel tax and commercial motor carriers, including:

  • Fuel tax collection, audits, and refunds.
  • Investigation of illegal fuel imports and dyed diesel.
  • Commercial motor carrier registration.

To learn more, see What we do.

Fuel tax categories

There are 3 types of fuel tax. Each requires a different license, fuel tax return, and payment. For information about getting a license, filing a return, and paying the fuel tax for each fuel type, see:

Where fuel tax money goes

All fuel taxes collected are placed in the Motor Vehicle Fund which supports highway programs including:

  • Constructing and maintaining state, city, and county roads, bridges, and ferries.
  • Purchasing right of ways.
  • Installing, maintaining, and operating traffic and signal lights.
  • Policing state public highways.
  • Operating movable span bridges.

Fuel Tax Paid Credit for Fuel Purchased in Washington State

Fuel Sales to Yakama Nation

As of November 22, 2013, all sales of vehicles and special fuels to authorized Yakama Nation tribal fuel retailers or tribal bulk fuel users are no longer eligible for the tax exemptions. All licensed vehicle fuel and special fuel suppliers, importers, blenders, and distributors selling fuel to Yakama Nation retailers and bulk fuel users must include the state fuel tax.

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