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Disabled parking: Organizational

If your organization uses vehicles to transport anyone with a disability, you may request 1 of the following disabled parking options:

  • Placards which hang from the rear-view mirror and can be used by any vehicle that provides regular transportation for an individual with a disability.
  • License plates for each vehicle:
    • Registered to the organization.
    • and
    • Used regularly to transport individuals with disabilities.

How to apply

  1. Complete and sign a Disabled Parking Application for Organizations.
    • If you’re requesting disabled parking license plates, attach a copy of the current registration for the vehicle.
  2. Submit the original, completed application form and any supporting documents at a vehicle licensing office.

Getting your placards or plates

We’ll mail your receipt and disabled parking placards or license plates as soon as your application has been processed.

Annual status report required

We’ll mail a report to your organization each year in March. Your organization must report the status of each disabled parking placard or license plate by April 30th. If the organization doesn’t submit this report, the disabled parking plates or placards issued to the organization will be canceled.

How to renew

More information

If you have other questions, please contact customer service.

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