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Disabled parking: Permanent

If you’re permanently disabled and meet the disabled parking requirements, your doctor will decide which of these options you can use:

  • 1-2 blue placards: Hangs on rearview mirror of any vehicle you’re transported in.
  • 1 blue placard and 1 set of disabled parking license plates*.
  • 1 blue placard and 1 disabled parking tab (year only):
    • You can use the disabled parking tab with special design plates or personalized plates.
    • You can’t use the disabled parking tab with:
      • Regular (mountain) background plates
      • Disabled parking plates
      • Exempt plates (for state or publicly-owned vehicles.)
      • Collector Vehicle plates
      • Horseless Carriage plates
      • Rideshare plates

*You must be the vehicle’s registered owner.

Initial cost for plates. Vehicle registration or renewal fees will apply each year.

Type Fee
Disabled parking plates $32.75
Placards Free
Disabled parking tab and decal $13.75

Submit your application (and payment if needed)

Disabled Parking Application for Individuals. Make sure your doctor, physician assistant, or licensed registered nurse practitioner completes and signs the “Physician” section. (We can only accept the original, no copies.)

  • By mail to:
    Special Plate Unit
    Department of Licensing
    PO Box 9043
    Olympia, WA 98507

Getting your ID card, placards, plates, or tabs

Your placards, plates, or tabs will be sent as soon as your application is processed.

"Individual with Disabilities Parking Privilege" ID card will be mailed separately in 2–3 weeks. Keep it in your wallet or purse. You must provide it to law enforcement when requested.

Renew your plates yearly

You must renew your vehicle tabs and registration each year.

Renew your disabled parking privilege every 5 years

If your privilege is current or expired less than 30 days:

  • Sign and return the reminder we sent,
  • or
  • Take a signed letter* stating you still need your disabled parking privileges to a vehicle licensing office.

If your privilege expired 31 or more days ago, you’ll need to start over.

*You don’t need a physician’s signature.


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