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Important information

  • Vehicle and vessel licensing offices can’t perform transactions on Saturday, December 10.
  • Some vehicle and vessel online services, like tab renewal, won’t be available December 7-12 while we update our system.
  • On December 12, 2016, we’ll begin using a new vehicle and vessel computer system.
  • In the days following the launch of our new system, you may experience longer than usual wait times.

Learn more: DOL vehicle licensing system will be down on December 10 for system replacement (

Moving to WA? Get plates

New to Washington? Find out what you need to do to get Washington license plates.

Transfer ownership into your name

Find out how to transfer ownership of a vehicle into your name after you buy it from a dealer or private party, or receive it as a gift.

Off-road vehicles

Learn how to license your wheeled all-terrain vehicle (WATV) or modified off-road motorcycle.

For military personnel

Find out how to license your vehicle if you’re a resident stationed out-of-state, or a non-resident stationed in Washington.

Clean Car emission requirements

All 2009 and newer vehicles must meet California emission standards to be registered in Washington. Get the information you need before you buy.

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