Volunteer Firefighter license plate

Volunteer Firefighter plates


To get Volunteer Firefighter plates, you must:

  • Be the registered owner of a vehicle, trailer, or motorcycle in Washington.
  • and
  • Be a volunteer firefighter:
    • Currently serving for at least 1 year.
    • or
    • Previously having served for at least 10 years.

How to apply

  1. Provide documentation that you serve as a volunteer firefighter by:
  2. Complete a Special License Plate Application.
  3. Contact a vehicle licensing office to find out how much your plates will cost, including all licensing and service fees.
  4. Submit your completed application, documentation from your fire district, and fees:
    • At a vehicle licensing office.
    • or
    • By mail to:
      Vehicle Licensing
      Department of Licensing
      PO Box 9909
      Olympia, WA 98507-8500

If you want to personalize your plates

You may get personalized plates with a Volunteer Firefighter background design for an additional $52. For details and how to apply, see Personalized plates with a special background design.

Remember to update your Good To Go! account

If you have a Good To Go! electronic tolling pass, be sure to update the license plate number and contact information on your account if you get a new special plate. You can update your account with the Department of Transportation:

How to renew

You can renew your Volunteer Firefighter plates:

  • At a vehicle licensing office. (An additional service fee may apply.)
  • or
  • By mail by following the instructions on your vehicle renewal notice.


To get original plates:

  • Cars and trucks: $67.75
  • Motorcycles: $49.75
  • Trailers: $55.75

To renew:

$30 special plate fee plus your tab renewal fees (Tab renewal fees vary by location and type of vehicle.)


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