Taxpayer Access Point (TAP)

Things to know

June 30, 2016 – All current fuel tax licenses expired. You’ll need to apply for a new fuel tax license to continue operations in Washington. Please register your account through the Taxpayer Access Point (TAP). TAP gives you an easier and faster way to manage your fuel tax accounts.

TAP is now available for Fuel Tax customers and Fuel Tax Refund Permit accounts. We may experience some delays with the implementation of the new system. Please be patient with our staff.

Use TAP – PRFT Taxpayer Access Point to file, pay, and manage online your:

  • International Fuel Tax Agreements (IFTA)
  • International Registration Plans (IRP)
  • Fuel Tax
  • Fuel Tax Refund Permit accounts

Who can use TAP

  • IFTA licensees
  • IRP registrants
  • Fuel Tax licensees
  • Fuel Tax Refund customers
  • Service Agents

What you can do

  • File and pay IFTA, Fuel Tax, and Dyed Diesel tax returns and amended returns
  • File Fuel Tax refund claims
  • File and pay IRP registrations and supplements
  • Manage your profile and accounts
  • View and print:
    • IRP information and temporary authority
    • Tax returns and refund claims
    • Account balances
    • Correspondence related to your account

How to use TAP

Miscellaneous assessment customers

Fuel Tax customers

Fuel Tax Return Upload templates

You need to have Excel 97-2003 or newer to use these templates:

Unlicensed Fuel Tax refund customers

IFTA and IRP customers

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