Report of sale

File a report of sale for a vehicle

You have 3 options to file:

If you’ve sold a boat: See Report the sale of a boat.

Make sure you have the…

  • Date of the sale or transfer.
  • Name and address of the person the vehicle was sold or transferred to.
  • Vehicle ID number (VIN).
  • Vehicle license plate number.

When to file

You should file within 5 business days from the date it was:

  • Sold:
    • Privately.
    • On consignment.
    • Out of state (Must have a WA state license plate).
  • Given away (Gifted).
  • Traded to a private party or dealer.
  • Donated.
  • Given to a wrecking yard.
  • Turned over to an insurance company.
  • Disposed.

Update your Good To Go! account

If you have a Good To Go! electronic tolling pass, update your account to show you don't own the vehicle anymore. Go through the Department of Transportation:

Why you should file

As the seller, you’re responsible for filing the report of sale. If you don’t file, you may be held liable for tolling bills, towing charges, and other civil or criminal liabilities incurred by the new owner.

The new owner is responsible for transferring the title. See transfer ownership into your name.

Frequently asked questions

How can I get a copy of my report of sale?

You can request one by submitting a Vehicle Record Request. For more information, contact our Public Disclosure office at 360.359.4002.

How do I correct an error, on my report of sale, after it’s been filed?

You’ll have to visit a vehicle licensing office to explain the error so we can delete it and file a corrected version.

What happens if I don’t file within 5 business days?

We’ll accept the report of sale after 5 business days without penalties. However, if the vehicle is involved in any criminal or civil liabilities prior to your filing, it will be up to the courts to determine if you’ll be held liable.

What if I filed a report of sale, but the sale, gift, or trade doesn’t happen?

If you end up keeping the vehicle after you’ve filed, visit a vehicle licensing office to get the report of sale deleted from the records.

I filed a report of sale, but you say you don’t have a record of it. What should I do?

Do you have a copy that you can resubmit? You would have gotten a copy if you filed online or in an office. You won’t get a copy if you mail it to us.

If you mailed it to us:

  • Did you mail it recently? If so, we may not have it yet. It’ll depend on the US Postal Service. You can contact us later at any vehicle licensing office to see if we’ve received it.
  • Did you mail it a while ago? Then you’ll need to submit another report of sale. To make sure you get a copy you may want to submit it online or at a vehicle licensing office.
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