You'll be able to continue to use your standard driver license and ID card to board all domestic commercial flights until enforcement begins in October 2020. After that, it will become important for Washington travelers to ensure they have acceptable identification

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Washington has met all requirements to comply with REAL ID Act

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Today is World Car Free Day, which encourages motorists to give up their cars for a day in an effort to promote mass transit, walking, cycling, and other means of travel. #CarFreeDay #DOL
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Today is National Seat Check Saturday, the perfect opportunity to get your car seat checked by an expert! Find a car seat inspection station near you: #TheRightSeat #SeatCheckSaturday #ChildPassengerSafetyWeek
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When parking uphill and there's a curb, what are you supposed to do? What about downhill? What if there's no curb? It's all on page 3-28 of the Washington Driver Guide: #RulesOfTheRoad #ParkingOnAHill #WADriverGuide #DOL
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Join us in our efforts to help all Washington residents live, work, drive, and thrive. See our latest job openings: #Hiring #Jobs #Careers #PublicService #TeamDOL
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Car seats are designed to precise specifications to keep children safe, which is why parents need to install and use them correctly — each and every time. #TheRightSeat #ChildPassengerSafetyWeek
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You can help promote child safety and welfare by ordering this special design license plate. Fees support Strengthening Families Washington. Learn more: #KeepKidsSafe #LicensePlate #DOL
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Sept. 15-21 is #ChildPassengerSafetyWeek, sponsored by @NHTSAgov. As a parent or caregiver, you can’t prevent every scraped knee or tummy bug, but you can greatly lower your child’s chance of being injured or killed in a car crash by ensuring they are secured in #TheRightSeat.
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Learn about voter registration in Washington and how we can help: #VoterRegistration #RegisterToVote
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One of the following businesses/professions is NOT licensed by DOL. Can you guess which one? A) Agricultural engineers B) Nail salons C) Morticians D) Used vehicle battery collectors We'll reply with the answer early next week! #DoYouKnowDOL

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