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Renew your license online now!

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REAL ID enforcement delayed until October 1, 2021


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If you'd go to the mat for college wrestling πŸ€Όβ€β™‚οΈ, this is the special design license plate for you. Sales support the Washington State Wrestling Foundation. πŸ”Ž Learn more: ➑ https://t.co/E7YfPRZcHJ #Wrestling #LicensePlate https://t.co/NLoSwBpNDh
Compromised data did NOT include driver license or identification card information. https://t.co/dPHB1Yh8KJ
What to do if you believe that someone you know is no longer able to operate a vehicle safely: https://t.co/MyfxLYtQOG This is not a process for reporting incidents of unsafe driving around you. As always, call law enforcement if you or other motorists are in danger. #Licensing https://t.co/nzTuq96ANf
Pretty sure your driver license was extended due to the pandemic but not sure when it now expires? Log into License eXpress and see: https://t.co/ojPh355GOx Don't wait! Renew 24/7 online. #Licensing #RenewOnline https://t.co/BNfbitTdBT
On a wet road, you should reduce your speed about 10 mph. Allow extra distance for stopping in the rain 🌧 or on a wet road. Your brakes may not work properly when wet, and tires skid more easily. #RulesOfTheRoad #DriveSafe https://t.co/NwNT3tgyPx
Today is National Love Your Pet Day. 🐩🐈 Chin rubs all around! This totally "pawsome" special design license plate supports the Washington Federation of Animal Care and Control Agencies. πŸ”Ž Learn more: ➑ https://t.co/k9hKhmcmYF #LoveYourPetDay #LicensePlate https://t.co/gfXxPyDJ46
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