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You'll be able to continue to use your standard driver license and ID card to board all domestic commercial flights until enforcement begins in October 2020. After that, it will become important for Washington travelers to ensure they have acceptable identification

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Injunction puts I-976 changes to vehicle fees and taxes on hold

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We're hiring! See our latest openings: https://t.co/dyWF6yCqFD #Careers #Jobs #Hiring #PublicService #TeamDOL https://t.co/79w0WlyNat
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Due to renew a vehicle registration in December but haven’t received a notice in the mail yet? No need to wait. 1. See current fees and renew in minutes at https://t.co/XdnpY0Twvb or the nearest licensing service office. 2. Cross it off your to-do list. #RenewOnline #Tabs https://t.co/iXYYWaYdya
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December is #NationalImpairedDrivingPreventionMonth. Road traffic arrest and fatality data shows that after alcohol, marijuana is the most frequently detected psychoactive substance among drivers. Learn about #DUI: https://t.co/aBF3jV1kR4 #ImpairedDriving #GreenMeansNo https://t.co/DUmog8mJs3
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Be a cool customer! Title and license your wheeled all-terrain vehicle (WATV) or off-road vehicle (ORV): https://t.co/egQXjAntCZ #WATV #ORV #Licensing https://t.co/hwfZ3CpsOh
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Today is Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, marking the Dec. 7, 1941 attack in Hawaii that killed or wounded more than 3,500 Americans. This specialty license plate is available at no cost to survivors who meet certain criteria: https://t.co/1cxGIyQgKQ #PearlHarborDay #LicensePlate https://t.co/Cvxm5rWplL
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On packed snow, cut your speed in half. Use snow tires or chains when the road has snow on it and any time it is required on posted signs. On ice, you must slow to a crawl. It is very dangerous to drive on ice. WA Driver Guide: https://t.co/cVgFRpH2Om #RulesOfTheRoad https://t.co/yWPLZj4NIV
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We're hiring! See our latest job openings: https://t.co/zLEupYP1V8 #Hiring #Jobs #Careers #PublicService #TeamDOL https://t.co/ONJON9IM5y
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Moving to Washington? Learn how to get a driver license and plates, transfer a professional license, register to vote, and more: https://t.co/N6pGsAEfOx #Moving #WA #Licensing https://t.co/3O7NcQbOts
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Need customer service? Call 360-902-3900 or email CustomerCare@dol.wa.gov.
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If a tire suddenly goes flat: • Hold the steering wheel tightly and keep going straight. • Slow down gradually. Take your foot off the gas and use the brakes lightly. • If possible, pull off the road in a safe place. WA Driver Guide: https://t.co/cVgFRpH2Om #RulesOfTheRoad https://t.co/Teu3HIyngH
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December is #NationalImpairedDrivingPreventionMonth. Holiday parties abound, making it one of the most dangerous times to be on the road. There's no excuse for driving impaired. License suspension or revocation may result: https://t.co/aBF3jV1kR4 #DUI #ImpairedDriving #DriveSafe https://t.co/zhSzYRulq9

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