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Graphic: A cartoon bear and raccoon stand to either side of a calendar highlighting May 2025. The image on the top half of the calendar says ID20253 Washington. The text ID laws for air travel are changing in 2025 is above the calendar.

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New plate emblem supports vet suicide prevention


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We support Washington’s Pro-Equity, Anti-Racism plan

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You leave a digital trail nearly everywhere you go online. What can you do to protect yourself? Will Saunders, our data stewardship and privacy administrator, shares some tips as we look ahead to #DataPrivacyDay (Jan. 28). Watch, courtesy @WaTechGov: https://t.co/SRpDSANbvp
It might feel like spring will never get here, let alone spring 2025. But new air travel #identification rules are coming. Now's the perfect time to prepare and avoid the rush on enhanced licenses/IDs. 🧠 Learn more about REAL ID: https://t.co/Ph09QbVa9p https://t.co/TDtaIJF5iK
Why visit a driver licensing office when you can get it done at https://t.co/XdnpY0U4kJ? #SkipATrip https://t.co/gTWhXmFnK7
For those who haven't seen it yet, top #Oscars nominee "Everything Everywhere All at Once" is NOT based on our amazing customer service team gracefully fielding an unrelenting deluge of complex, wide-ranging calls first thing in the morning. But ... it could be.
Thanks to a new law, one original or renewal #identification card is available at no cost to anyone who is #unhoused and expected to reside in Washington. A reduced-fee ID for $5 may be an alternate option. 🪪 Learn more: https://t.co/hTxw2CoXZN
Gracias a una nueva ley, una tarjeta de identificación original o de renovación está disponible sin costo para cualquier persona sin hogar que espera residir en Washington. 🪪 Aprenda más: https://t.co/LOXB8XLaYD
If you enjoy tech support, come join our agency and manage our database administration. 🔎 Learn, apply, or share: https://t.co/mC718xIGGo #TeamDOL https://t.co/GLCp0QDu5I
Forget the old song and dance of having to visit a driver licensing office in person. #SaveTime, #SkipTheLine, and renew at https://t.co/XdnpY0U4kJ! 📱💻🖥️ https://t.co/euniz4UbjU
Do you enjoy legal research? ✅ Like analyzing evidence? ✅ We have multiple paralegal positions open in our Hearings and Interviews section. 🔎 Learn, apply, or share: https://t.co/HOxIZIQAUD #TeamDOL https://t.co/rAKhF3TNN3

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