Mission, vision, and values

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With a strong commitment to great service, we advance public safety and consumer protection through licensing, regulation and education, and we collect revenue that supports our state's transportation system.

Our Vision

Proudly earning Washington's confidence every day through the highest level of service and commitment to public safety.

Our Values

Integrity, Inclusion, Respect, Results, and Service Excellence

Our Culture

Our culture is focused on 10 principles:

  • We are all responsible for DOL's success
    We make decisions that align with our agency goals and values, and understand our own connection to the agency's mission and vision.
  • We build great teams
    We build a diverse workforce of team players with the right skills, attitudes, and work ethics to achieve our goals.
  • We plan for tomorrow
    We are all leaders. Today's leaders mentor tomorrow's leaders. We share our knowledge and give our coworkers the tools and information they need to lead us into the future.
  • We solve problems
    We help make decisions that affect the agency and our customers. We support an environment where everyone is encouraged to ask questions and suggest changes.
  • We empower employees to continuously improve processes
    We encourage Lean thinking and provide the tools for our employees to solve problems using creativity and innovation. We align efforts across the agency and within state government to deliver results to our customers.
  • We communicate respectfully and openly
    We create an environment where everyone feels comfortable speaking up and participating in groups to solved problems. We listen to understand others' opinions, needs and goals.
  • We are accountable
    We are accountable to DOL and to the public to use resources wisely and efficiently. We will hold each other accountable to improve agency performance and achieve results.
  • We minimize risks
    We are on alert for risks in the workplace, whether it's a safety issue or protecting customers' personal information. We identify and minimize risks through our solid processes and good decision-making.
  • We are friendly and helpful — every time
    We listen to our customers, understand their needs and goals, resolve problems and answer questions in a timely way. We provide the excellent customer service that people expect.
  • We welcome input from those we impact
    We have many stakeholders and we welcome their feedback and input. In partnership, we develop sound public policy and provide better customer service.

Our Key Goals

When engaged employees create a customer focused organization, providing the most efficient and effective services, we become the trusted and credible partner of all Washingtonians, so together we can measurably improve public safety.

Our Customer Service Promise

We’ll be friendly and helpful — every time.

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